inova loudoun - fresh 48

When this first time mom reached out to me in July and told me her due date was the same date as my younger daughter’s birthday, I knew it was meant to be! This was my first time photographing a newborn at the Birthing Inn at INOVA Loudoun, but this little peanut, in her pre-planned outfits (I love a mama who comes with ideas, just as much as I love a mama who has no plans for the session), made the late morning session a breeze. Mom and dad are so smitten with their little one, as are her aunt and Gigi, and I just know she’s going to grow up surrounded in love (and adorable clothing)! My Fresh 48 schedule is wide open currently, but that has left room for a massive amount of fall family sessions. If you or anyone you know is expecting a baby, please send them my way - I’ve loved each and every one of these sessions and hope to do a lot more in the future!