inova fairfax nicu session

The truth is, as soon as I get a Fresh 48 on the calendar, I mentally start tracking pregnancy right along with the mama (not down to the fruit size vs. week of pregnancy, but close) and will tap my fingers in anticipation when the due date is approaching. I always reach out a few weeks before the due date to discuss any last minute details or answer any questions the families may have, and then I wait. It’s always discussed that if I can’t get there (for any reason) to do a Fresh 48 session, we will line up a lifestyle newborn session when the family is home from the hospital. But anyone who signs up for a session, even though we may have never met, holds a major place in my heart - I love all the babies I get to work with and feel so honored that, when my families are reaching out to their parents or siblings, friends or other family members, that they are also reaching out to me to share the news of baby’s arrival earthside.

I love babies, I love helping, and I love that I can run this business with empathy and let my heart make some of the business decisions. As such, I decided when I went into this Fresh 48 work, that I would offer free NICU sessions to any of my families if/when asked. After all, I went into photography to document your story, and if your story takes a different path than anticipated, it’s still worth documenting. The fighters in the NICU, the nurses, the doctors, the parents and families…it’s so many emotions…but the greatest of them is love. Photographing that love is beyond… <3

This strong mama reached out over the summer to book a Fresh 48 session for her twin boys - they were due in early October, but she was thinking that she’d deliver at the end of September because, twins. Needless to say, when I got a message in early August that these baby boys had arrived (at 31 weeks) and were going to be spending some time in the NICU, I paused, and then I prayed. The NICU fight is not an easy one - it’s emotionally and physically demanding for all involved, it’s unpredictable and it’s just plain tricky. This little one and his brother have been on my mind since that email in August announcing their arrival, and I was honored when I was asked to take some pictures in the NICU of this sweet boy. His brother has already graduated the NICU and is home with his parents, but this guy is continuing his fight. He made some major strides in the days before our session, graduating to an open crib in a room with a window and coming off of the CPAP - taking things day by day. The devotion and strength of his parents will take him places - It was incredible to witness their smiles, hear their hopes, and see their strength in this journey, and it was quite remarkable to be able to take due date and two month milestone photos of their sweet baby boy on the same day.

INOVA Fairfax NICU Photographer