will travel for baby photos!

I always comment on the shear volumes of people in the DC Metro Area, as well as our access to multiple airports (I might have uttered “Ugh, I have to drive 45 minutes to BWI instead of 15 minutes to DCA?!” before. ha!). When I had my kiddos, I realized how many hospitals are local to us as well. I mean, it makes sense given how many people they need to serve. And when I started this business, my focus was Virginia - not even DC. There are a half dozen or so hospitals or medical centers in NoVA that are super close by…why travel further?.

But, it turns out I have hard time telling people “No, you’re just too far away for me to take photos of your incredible little babies.”

So, I say yes.

And this time it led me to this beautiful family who delivered at Shady Grove Adventist. Additional motivation to make the drive north was provided when I found out that the session was for twins. And when I got there and saw two beautiful twin baby girls, their excited (though a touch hesitant) older siblings, and their incredible, easy going parents who have done this newborn thing before and were handling twins with a finesse that blew me a away? Well, it’s no wonder I will travel for babies.

The way this family circled around these new babies, the way dad sang them songs, and Grandma called them “little miracles”, it just took my breath away. These two brand new little souls are so incredibly loved already. Welcome to the world, little ones!