Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 sessions are some of my most favorite session types. Documenting your brand new baby within the first 48 hours of birth, in the hospital or birthing center, is truly a magical opportunity. Newborns hold so many secrets of life on the inside in the early hours, and preserving these secrets in photographs is such a gift for my families.

Many times I'm asked which session type is right for you...Fresh 48 vs Newborn Lifestyle...and honestly, it's such a personal answer, I can't make it for you. I will say that the controlled environment in the hospital and not having to worry about the state of your house/laundry/toddlers toys, puts some of my clients at ease. Sure, you'll be exhausted (in the best kind of way) from giving birth, and your body will be tender from new motherhood, but trust me when I say I've never had a mother regret her decision of booking a Fresh 48 session. The reason? In part, it's because this time will be such a blur once it's over...your brain is working overtime to process the new shape of your family, your body has just undergone one of the most incredible feats, and you're tired, but so happy. Also? Your baby changes dramatically in the first few days, as does your body, and your "new normal". Older siblings meeting the baby for the first time are some of the most precious greetings to document. All things new, preserved in photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

My goal with a Fresh 48 session it for it to be simple and comfortable. I'll document all details of your newborn, and the new dynamic of your family. The snuggles, the feedings, the diaper changes, the medical board, the hospital setting. You need only show up, and honestly? You'll already be there. I want your session to be heartfelt and emotive - I want you to be as naturally you as you can be, and I want to capture the delicate bond between your baby and it's family.

I also offer free NICU sessions to any families who book a Fresh 48 or Newborn session with me, should their journey take them down a different path than anticipated.

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