Family Sessions

Some take annual family portraits and others prefer seasonal. Some like to capture the candid moments and others prefer posed images. Whatever your vision, I will work with you to document your family, in your moment, in a style that you prefer. From your tradition of making pancakes on Saturday morning, hunting for your Christmas tree, standing with the beautiful fall colors behind you, or among the cherry blossom trees, let's capture your moments!

What I strive for in each of my family sessions is comfort. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible! I believe that when that happens, we all have the most fun and capture all of the love and emotion of your family. Kids will be kids (and they might even lead the entire session), let's let them be little. For the adults or older children, I just want you all to have a blast - don't stress , don't over think things, maybe consider a bribe here or there, and remember why you wanted this time in your life documented. I have no doubt that you want to capture the love and connection of your family, so let's do that, and leave any of the life 'junk' that bogs down our every day in the backseat.

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