sweet september - fresh 48 session

Maybe it’s the time of year - the crisp fall mornings, the shorter hours of daylight (am I the only one who enjoys darker evenings?)…maybe it’s having two September babies of my own and the memories that this month holds for me and my own family. I’m not sure, but something about this INOVA Fairfax Fresh 48 Session made it one of the most chill and relaxed sessions I’ve photographed. I should probably give most of that credit to this incredibly beautiful baby girl who, at 24 hours new, didn’t fuss, didn’t cry, didn’t really care about being unswaddled…she was such a joy! Her parents get the rest of the credit - for first timers, they were beyond relaxed, truly naturals at loving their sweet daughter and the new shape of their family.

(and, as a number nerd, I’d be remiss not to mention her 9-9-19 birth date!)

I’m so thankful that this couple reached out to me (via Instagram…forcing me to up my social media game over there and actually CHECK to see if I have messages because, hi. i’m old and don’t really know how to do that or what to look for, haha!) and allowed me into their hospital room to capture some of the sweetest moments with their brand new daughter. Welcome earthside, little one!