party of five - newborn hospital photography

This family captured the heart of family in the sweetest way. Big sister was super excited to meet her newest brother, big brother was slightly disinterested (as most 1 1/2 years old are) and seemed to be contemplating his new role as “middle child” throughout the session, and sweet baby W was super chill for the entire shoot. These perfect spring babies have really been an incredible group and they’ve all been born into phenomenal families.

I’m hoping to book many more sessions like these in the summer and fall months - I really think it’s so special to have these moments recorded, and I want to bring that to as many parents as possible. I laugh at remembering the first message I received from this mom - she saw me post on and reached out to confirm that I wasn’t a crazy person because her husband was skeptical about booking a photo session with some stranger from the internet (as anyone should be, haha!). I’m so glad they took the chance and allowed me this opportunity.