New year, new babies!

I'm not lying when I say that most days this feels like the best job in the whole world. Working with exceptional families? Check! Working hours that work for myself and my family? Check! Working with the most beautiful babies? Give me all the checks!

It takes being a photographer to grasp how insane the fall months can be. Family session after family session, running all over to chase leaves or lighting, and seemingly endless editing. Don't get me wrong - it's a total blessing to be busy, but it's also exhausting. I intentionally give myself time and space in December - partly because I like month long birthday celebrations and partly because holidays are about being with my family.

Then we get into some lazy winter days (and nights), and the motivation waxes and wanes, the want to hibernate is strong, and the sense of renewal and restoration fills my soul. I start to brainstorm ideas for sessions and clients and I check my calendar and I get everything organized...

Last year in January I had no sessions - none. Not because I didn't want any, but because it's typically a slow season (winter) for photography. It was fine, I booked a branding session for myself in February, went to some meet-ups with local photographers, worked on this website, and did a lot of business.

This year, I found myself with four sessions for January, and honestly, I'm so happy with that! Especially since three of them are newborn sessions and the little ones, the new family (or the new addition to the family) are such a joy to photograph. They warm up the cold winter days, they add to the feeling of renewal and delight that a new year brings, and honestly, the babies are just so perfect.

What a joy it is to have this job, these clients, this season of life...