It's not lost on me that being invited into a home to photograph a brand new family member is a tremendous privilege, and even more so during the busy holiday season.

This beautiful family had a ton of big changes in 2019 - finishing advanced degrees, moving to a new state, starting at a new daycare...and their final marvelous act was welcoming a brand new baby girl into their warm and loving home.

I always remind my lifestyle family newborn clients that your home doesn't have to be perfectly staged for an awesome session (though, I've never walked into a home that is the slightest bit messy, which blows me away each time!) and I love that in-home sessions offer a tremendous level of comfort for the families and especially the older siblings. The changes surrounding a new family member are felt by all, but I think the toddler class, while loving their new sibling, thrives on having the home field advantage. This sweet big sister danced in her new ballet shoes, pointed out ornaments and even gave me a sticker at the end of the session - which, I'm certain, is the best prize for a job well done.

I had such a great morning with this awesome family (and am in denial that it's already February and I'm still blogging December sessions)...haha! Someday I'll catch up!