Spring Portrait Session - Green Spring Gardens

We all know that kids are kids and might not “cooperate” the way we, as adults, expect them to for a photo shoot, BUT they are some of my favorite people to photograph as a result. Personally, I love the images I have of my children which capture all of their expressions, not just their adorable smiles, but their inquisitive nature, or their determination at completing a task. Photographs serve to preserve memories, and we aren’t always in the mood to smile (or look at the camera) - sometimes we need to just play and enjoy the day and see what moments can be snapped for the memory book of life.

I’m so lucky to have gotten the chance to chat with these kiddos while taking some fun photos of them with their family. Their precious voices, funny sayings (which might be a simple “I’ve got my eye on you…!” But from the mouth of a five year old is hilarious), and adorable innocence fills my heart up. Not to mention witnessing the bonds between mothers and fathers and their children. Simply the best!