Fresh 48 - Package Details

Session Investment - $399

Fresh 48 sessions are some of my absolute favorite session types! You will never get a chance to recreate the newness of your baby. These sessions are for brand new babies and are done in the hospital, home (if a home birth) or birthing center. As a mom, I know that the first days (and maybe weeks or months) go by in a blur, and you can forget about the details if they aren’t captured on film. It’s a time you won’t want to forget - meeting your new baby, the excitement and love coupled with exhaustion and many other emotions. Their tiny features which are so new to this world.

Sessions are held within the first 48 hours after birth, and are done during daylight hours. I like to get there as soon as possible and will shoot using natural or available light for approximately 45 minutes. Lightly posed images will capture your baby’s tiny features, and some of your first moments together.

You will receive a sneak peek of your session within 24 hours. Edited images will be provided for viewing via an online gallery within two weeks of your session. These images will be a combination of black and white and soft color photographs. Digital files, prints, canvas wraps and other items are available for purchase from the gallery website.

Due to the unpredictable timing of labor and delivery, I can only book a few of these sessions each month. Please reach out to reserve your session in advance.

Optional Maternity Session Add-On - $200

Fresh 48 Clients have the option of adding on a maternity mini session at a discounted rate (a session savings of $50) when the sessions are purchased together. Maternity sessions are usually held in the early 3rd trimester. These sessions take place at a mutually agreed upon location outdoors and are such a fantastic way to document the final days of pregnancy before the new baby arrives.


How do I schedule/book a session?

I've been there and know that no two deliveries are the same. Upon completion of the contract and payment of the session retainer, I will "pencil you in" for your due date and then remain in touch in the weeks before (and after) until baby arrives. When you are headed to the hospital or birthing location, simply reach out to let me know that birth is imminent. From there, we'll chat about the best day and time for the session. The balance of the session fee is due 2 weeks before your due date, and will be invoiced accordingly.

What to expect?

These sessions are relaxed and I work around you and your baby to make sure you all remain comfortable throughout. If I arrive and you're mid-feed, I'll ask if you want pictures feeding your baby. If I arrive and baby is sleeping soundly in the bassinet, I'll get straight to work photographing him/her. If there is an older sibling, we'll work to document baby with parents first, then bring in the older sibling to capture the sweet moments between your oldest and youngest. I could write a book on all of this, so I did! If you're interested in learning more details, please contact me and I'll send you my Fresh 48 guide which, I think, answers most anything!

How do I decide between Fresh 48 and In-Home Lifestyle Newborn?

This one isn't cut and dry - it's a personal preference. I'd love to chat on the phone and give you some things to think about to help you decide what will be best for you. My biggest piece of advice here is get a session scheduled before baby arrives - once baby is earthside, time flies and if your session isn't on your (or your photographer's) schedule, it likely won't take place.

What should I/the baby wear?

When I say, during my newborn sessions, that I prefer naked babies, it always sounds so weird...I usually suggest having baby swaddled wearing a diaper to start - we can put on a onesie or outfit during the session. A diapered baby allows me to document all of the little details - the rolls on their back/neck, the fingers and toes, the ears and nose...

As for you, be comfortable. Light colors work exceptionally well for photographing newborns. I can recommend robes with matching swaddles, but am also a fan of the messy top knot and nursing tank with yoga pants look. You will be glowing and radiant no matter what your wardrobe looks like - the hospital gown works, too, though I almost always suggest staying away from prints, patterns and super bright colors!

My Baby has to go to the NICU, now what?

Sometimes, the plan changes. I've photographed babies in the NICU, and am comfortable doing so if you would like to document the NICU journey for you and your little one. NICU sessions are complimentary for anyone who booked a Fresh 48 or Lifestyle Newborn Session with me. Typically, after baby is brought home, we'll schedule a Lifestyle Newborn Session and the fee you paid for your Fresh 48 session will be applied to the in-home session.

Products Included with Fresh 48 Sessions

Digital Files

Full resolution, professionally edited images will be available for download directly from your private gallery site.

All files included

Gallery Store

I always recommend that my families print their favorite images or create a photo album so they can look back upon this session for years to come. Your package includes access to professional lab created products ranging from cards to framed images.

store access included