sunshine inside - fresh 48 session

As a photographer there is this inherent risk taken when you try to capture moments, indoors, in a hospital, year round, with a super short window to make arrangements (babies come whenever they want, and no one loves staying in the hospital). The risk is that it could be raining outside, cutting your light source by 50%, which is to say, you spend the session searching for the light in an attempt to preserve the joy and love in the room.

Well, on the day of this session, it was raining (is that not obvious from the blog post set-up?) but in this room there was an overwhelming amount of love and joy, of happiness and light. A sweet mama singing lullabies to her brand new daughter. A father admiring how grown up his almost-two-year old son suddenly looks in contrast to his baby girl. And a brand new big brother who had an abundance of kisses for his sister, while refusing to spend too much time away from his cars and trucks.

Documenting the love of a family is a tremendous honor and words can’t quite express how privileged I feel each and every time someone entrusts me to preserve their family highlights.