sitter session - seven months old!

Milestone sessions are typically scheduled every three months during baby’s first year. They are a great way to document the big (and little) changes that take place and are so, so fun!

On what was an insanely hot and humid day (guys - my eyelids were sweating and I’m not even kidding) I met up with this phenomenal mama Renee and her adorable 7 month old daughter. We found as much shade as we could (to pretend as if that made the weather more bearable) and we were able to capture this precious stage in life. Despite getting over an ear infection and teething and the heat, this peanut was such a cutie - she loved giving her mama smiles, and really took in all of the sights of the park as we made our way through the session. From exploring the flowers, playing with toys, working on standing/walking, nursing, to sitting on a wishing well and giving epic smiles, this girl rocked it all.

I’m so thankful that I met these two and I look forward to capturing more milestones for them in the future!