When this joyful couple first contacted me, they set up a Fresh 48 hospital session. I always let my families know that if, for whatever reason, a hospital session can’t take place, we will turn it into a lifestyle newborn session once they get home. In this particular case, I made sure they knew that I had vacation plans just a week before their due date, so there was a good chance that the person in charge (the baby!) might not work to my schedule. And that’s exactly what happened - about halfway through my week vacation, I got an email from them that they were in labor and delivery and we’d need to schedule a lifestyle newborn session once I got back home.

I like to think that this worked out in the greatest way possible - they had just moved into their brand new home (one month before baby arrived!), had family visiting (from India!), and were able to get a bit settled in before our photography shoot. I have a soft spot for documenting babies, but it’s even softer for documenting them in an in-home session…getting tiny glimpses of their nursery or crib, being able to preserve those tender moments and details for the family is so incredibly special.

The never-ending smiles from this new mom and dad, the sheer joy on the faces of the grandparents and uncle, and the laughter that filled the walls of this house showed me just how loved this precious baby girl already is. She may only be a week old, but she has made her mark on this family and will no doubt give them a million more reasons to smile and laugh through the months and years to come.

Welcome home, little one!